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February 2018

Dr. Darin Haworth gives quality, personalized care. Dr. Haworth got me onto a wellness track with my treatments very effectively. He also offers additional resources (focused exercises, videos) in order to supplement your care. Dr. Haworth provides detail-orientated chiropractic services for an excellent value.


Dr. Darin is the man! Not only are his adjustments great, he’ll help you to realize why your body is out of alignment and show you exercises that will help you to maintain a proper posture. This is huge! You’ll be given the tools to take care of yourself and live a more pain-free lift. Thanks, Dr. Darin!


January 2018

Dr. Haworth knows how to take care of people who like to be active, because he is one. His first hand experience with injuries, recovery, rehabilitation, and a return to performance allows him to know the nuances you can’t learn from a textbook. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Haworth for any injury.


Dr. Haworth is a great doctor! He’s incredibly intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and is very empathetic. He’s worked on me multiple times and I always felt better after treatment. I recommend anyone to come see him.


December 2017

I love seeing Dr. Darin because he is so knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system and how everything is related. It is never just one specific spot that gets an injury. That injury always affects something else and Darin always spends extra time with me explaining all that is happening with the injury. He does more than just adjust me. I have learned a lot from him.


Dr. Haworth took great care of us while we were in town to run the Emerald Bay Half Marathon. We had traveled from Virginia to compete in the race and needed some TLC. I am a sports Chiropractor myself and picked Dr. Haworth over other Dr’s in town because of his sports chiropractic skills & professionalism. He was great, and I can say I finished my first half marathon in years thanks to his excellent care. We will definitely use him again when we are back in Tahoe! Thanks again for the fabulous treatment!


November 2017

Dr. Haworth is very helpful and has given me a pain free life after Dr. Kane left South Lake Tahoe. I’m very happy with his services especially the way he helped me with my ribs and specialty work when you ask for his help. I know his personable approach has made me comfortable to return for more help with my pain management.


October 2017

My body is already thanking me for starting my treatment plan with Summit to Shore Chiropractic. Thank you for your professionalism and wealth of knowledge on the body’s needs. I highly recommend a visit!

I’ve been seeing Darin as my go to Chiropractor for over a year now. He’s helped me get over a lingering lower back issue that has hampered me for a while. I highly recommend him to anyone that is experiencing back issues.


September 2017

I recently injured my back to the point that daily movement was extremely challenging. I am thrilled to say that after just a few visits I am now functioning near normal and doing my prescribed exercises. Highly recommend this business!


August 2017

Since Dr. Kane moved from the Tahoe area, I have been looking for another chiropractor who I feel offers the same level of care. Recently, I found Dr. Haworth. Like Dr. Kane, he has taken the time to get to know me and always shows interest in my personal life. He always listens and gains an understanding of the reasons for each of my visits. He also really takes the time with each patient to explain what is happening with their body and to make sure the patient knows how to best work toward recovery. He and his wife, who also works in the office, are warm, caring, and always seem genuinely happy to see me. I have had extremely positive experiences each time I have visited Dr. Haworth, and each visit has resulted in a significant improvement in my physical well-being.


July 2017

I have been following Dr. Haworth’s practice for years now and have had some great conversations with him. He is full of great knowledge and passion for what he does. He alaways has up to date information that he posts to his page and he practices what he preaches by being active and living a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend anyone to him.


June 2017

I scheduled an appointment and went in to see Dr. Haworth for back pain that I was having. My girlfriend actually found him and said it was very easy to get ahold of him and I was scheduled in to see him very soon afterwards. After a few visits with Dr. Haworth we had a much better diagnosis of the problem and I was already make big strides in getting better. He diagnosed that the pain in my back was ultimately coming more from previous knee and ankle injuries, as well as poor muscle firing in my gluteus. He gave me some different movements, stretches, and exercises to use everyday and to add in to my workout routines that would help improve my movements and muscle firings. The results have been fantastic! Dr. Haworth is also very friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Dr. Haworth and summit to shore chiropractic for anyone looking for a great chiropractor!


I always feel better after leaving Summit to Shore.  Dr. Darin is very knowledgeable in sports therapy and has helped me get back out and training.


May 2017

Dr. Haworth and I are working on alleviating some knee pain that has flared up recently from summer activities. Aside from adjustments, he has taken the time to explain the reasons why I’m feeling pain, as well as taught me exercises for retraining the muscles. I really appreciate Darin taking the time to teach me more about what’s going on rather than just adjusting, and sending me on my way. With something that’s been on and off for 3 years, it’s going to take some time to correct, but I’m hopeful I’ll continue my favorite activities! If you’re looking for help with a sports injury, I highly recommend making an appt with Darin.


April 2017

I have been going to chiropractors for many years now, both to help with injuries and to address problems from going on 20 years working behind a computer. More than any other chiropractor I’ve been to, Dr. Haworth takes the time to really understand the source of pain and how best to treat it. Thanks for all the help!


March 2017

After at least a year of pain, I couldn’t take it any more and went back to the Chiropractor. I found Dr. Haworth available right down the street. I was convinced that my pain was a result of compensation from an old injury, but Darin was able to locate a new problem. He was able narrow the search to a rib out of place in my back(most likely the result of ski/bike falls). With minimal manipulation and a couple sessions, I was pain free. Never underestimate the ribs! Darin takes a minimal approach and gets you maximum results. I welcome him to South Lake Tahoe and will be visiting him as often as needed.


February 2017

My visits with Dr. Haworth have been very positive and helpful. His chiropractic knowledge is apparent and I like his gentle approach to treatment. He also gives me very simple and helpful exercises to do on my own. I highly recommend him.


My wife and I drive down from Incline Village for treatments from Dr. Darin once a week (we’d go twice if he was closer). We’ve found him to be extremely approachable and responsive, knowledgeable (with a Master’s degree in exercise and sports science), informative, earnest, gentle, and patient.

Being young and relatively new to Tahoe, he has more time than the typical practitioner at chiropractor factories to actually listen, examine the patient (a foreign concept to many assembly-lines DCs), announce and explain his techniques, and try a variety of treatments.

In my particular case, a complicated shoulder injury, I walked away from my third session with pain relief and hope for a complete recovery; along the way, Darin also gave me a couple of very simple yet effective exercises.

His fees are extremely reasonable considering the amount of time and effort he puts in.


Excellent experience. This was my first experience needing a Chiropractor so I was unsure what to expect. I came in with discomfort with a rib out of place. Darin was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process. After two sessions I’m good as new and back to skiing.


September 2016

Dr. Darin Haworth is very good at what he does. I won an initial consultation and treatment package in March in a silent auction at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. I have been going to his place since I got rear ended on July 5. He fixed up my back, then fixed up my wrist (softball injury), and now we are working on my knees (slight tendonitis). Every step of the way he has explained it to me until I’ve understood. He knows what he is doing and he wants us to know too. He and Melanie are extremely kind and I am super grateful to them!


July 2016

Darin Haworth is an exceptional practitioner with his broad knowledge of health, chiropractic, fitness, healing and functional medicine. He is patient, compassionate, good-natured and dedicated. Any half-way decent chiropractor can “crack your back,” but very few can help you heal. Darin is a healer…. I totally recommend him.