Summit to Shore Chiropractic helps the people of South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas with numerous concerns including general wellness, headaches, neck/back pain, acute and chronic pain, sport injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, extremity pain etc.

Diversified adjusting (traditional)

-This adjusting involves use of hands to help increase motion, decrease pain, and improve function. This is done by figuratively pressing a reset button for our brain to help reestablish a proper connection with our brains


Extremity adjusting

-Chiropractic can make a large difference on the way our arms, hands, legs, and feet move, recognizing changes that need to be made to help you progress and reach your treatment goals.


Sports Performance and Injuries

– Injuries come in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. If sports performance is your goal, we specialize in protection and prevention of injury by finding weaknesses or faulty movement patterns throughout the body that could make you more prone to injury.


Evidence Based Education and Practice

– Current research studies have changed the way health care is conducted. Having the most recent knowledge can help you get the care you deserve.



– This type of adjustment allows for a more gentle approach for those who need a softer touch or are nervous about manual/hand adjustments.



– Rehabilitation isn’t just for post surgery or large trauma. Every time you get hurt or have pain, your body is masking a problem or adapting to avoid pain and rehab helps to get you back.

– Exercise, stretching, and movement patterns can help change those adaptations and can help fix the problem at the source.


Kineseotaping (Rock Tape/KT)

– You may have seen this tape on professional athletes, but not know what is it actually is. It is tape that stretches with the body and doesn’t restrict motion like braces or other tapes.

– There are multiple purposes of the tape including: decrease swelling by decompression on the tissue, decrease pain by changing the neurologic feedback to the brain (like rubbing your arm when you get hurt), and improving proprioception (your brain knowing where your body is in space).


Graston Technique (IASTM-instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation)

– This treatment is in a class of its own. It is used on soft tissue injuries such as tendons, ligaments, and muscles using a beveled metal tool.

– It helps to bring blood flow to the area of injury and stimulates the body to break up adhesions under the skin to allow the soft tissue to move freely and promote proper healing and movement.

Nutrition Supplements and Counseling

-Kyani supplements and more information are available through

-In an ever changing world of nutrition, there are various safe and effective basics that can help you in promoting health and healing.