What makes the “pop” noise in a chiropractic adjustment?


Studies have been able to show what is happening inside when you hear that “popping” noise. Our body is composed of many different joints, where two bones come together. Lots of these joints make up a capsule that is filled with fluid. During a chiropractic adjustment, the joint is stretched apart and forms a bubble within that capsule. When that bubble can no longer expand, it makes a pop sound. This bubble popping is what is occasional heard with a chiropractic adjustment. This is not necessarily what makes for a good adjustment, but can be satisfying to hear something happen inside the body.


Will the adjustments and treatment hurt?


An “adjustment” is a term used by chiropractors to explain what is done to the bones to help get the joints moving and help keep the bones properly aligned. These adjustments can cause some soreness, similar to a post exercise soreness, after the treatment for the next 24-48 hours. This soreness is usually more typical on a first visit or two, but should get less and less as treatment progresses. Other treatments like soft tissue work can also cause some soreness, but at any time if you believe it is too much, you are welcome to say something and you can be accommodated for.


What can I expect during my first visit?


We are here to help you feel your best. When you come to our office, we are here from start to finish whether you need help with paperwork, insurance questions, or even just a glass of water. Your first visit with Dr. Haworth will include a thorough examination, consultation, and initial treatment. He will ask about your health history and current complaints in addition to performing a physical exam to assess the various contributing factors to your health. Your first visit initial treatment may include adjustments of the spine and/or extremities, soft tissue work, ultrasound, kinesiotaping or any other therapies he deems necessary. This visit can take about 30-45 minutes in order to get a better picture of your health and goals. Dr. Haworth will be respectful in working with you and do his best to ensure your comfort and confidence while in the office. We will work with you to find the best payment option and not surprise you with any hidden fees. Check the Blog tab for a series of videos of “What to expect” to help you feel comfortable with your first visit.


What is the difference between a sports chiropractor and standard chiropractor?


A sports chiropractor is more than just a chiropractor that is involved in sports. A sports chiropractor is trained to better diagnose and treat extremity injuries, help in the prevention of injuries, and improve performance. To be certified as a sports chiropractor additional education and practical experience is included. Some of the requirements include: 130 hours of on field practical experience and 54 quarter credit hours or 34 semester credit hours. This curriculum includes additional training in emergency procedures, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, strength training and performance, taping and bracing, radiology, special populations in sports, extremity treatment, and soft tissue treatments. Sports chiropractors have special training in looking at a persons whole kinetic chain, whole body movements, to try and discover what can be the main cause of symptoms as well as knowing how to treat sport injuries and help patients return to play as soon and as healthy as possible.


Is chiropractic treatment safe?


Chiropractic is considered conservative treatment and is typically much more non-invasive than traditional medicine. The common misconception with neck adjustments is the possibility of a stroke or broken neck. The studies have shown that chiropractic does not cause either of these concerns. Through an examination, other signs of serious injury are would be present and you will be referred to another professional for further testing. If you are still uncomfortable, there are ways to slowly work through treatment without neck adjustments. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.


Do I have to keep coming back for treatment for the rest of my life?


A misconception is that all chiropractors try to get their patients to come back for the rest of their life. This is not how things are done at here. We explain and discuss the treatment you want at this clinic. Sometimes as little as one treatment can relieve pain and other times it may take longer. Another option is trying to fix the problem causing the pain and prevent it from happening over again. This will likely take more time because we are trying to change the way you move to decrease frequency and duration of pain. There are many determining factors that can change the duration of the outcome and that will be discussed on an individual basis. Keeping yourself healthy and moving is easier than getting yourself healthy and moving. A maintenance plan is recommended, but not required. Just as seeing your dentist once or twice a year just to make sure things are doing well, is a good proactive approach. The same is customary for seeing a chiropractor and making sure things are moving the way they should.


Why choose Summit to Shore Chiropractic over other chiropractors in Tahoe? 


Summit to Shore Chiropractic focuses on keeping you moving and enjoying the Tahoe lifestyle. Whether you want to focus on injury prevention, improvement of performance, or just pain we are here to help. With that, moving in a way that is safe and beneficial will make a large difference in the benefits you receive. Dr. Haworth has been focusing on these areas of fitness, prevention, exercise, and rehab from the beginning and loves to find what is best for you individually. There is no cookie cutter answer for health care and that is why we spend more time with each patient. Dr. Haworth is an expert in Sports Medicine and at customizing your individual treatment to help you have life-changing results. From neck pain and headaches to metatarsalgia (foot pain), Dr. Haworth wants to get you moving better and safer than before. We also make it a priority to offer the best clinical skills possible, a comfortable atmosphere, and financial accuracy in order to make you satisfied with your decision to choose us. Read the reviews patient’s continue to share about the care they receive here